Real-time PvE and PvP combat.Arcmaze Screenshot
Huge fantasy world: Dark dungeons, ancient ruins and mazes, keeping treasuresArcmaze Screenshot
3D first-person browser MMORPG and dungeon crawlerArcmaze Screenshot


We are a game development company located in Northern Europe.

We develop, publish and support a big MMORPG. Arcmaze is a unique and innovative free-to-play first-person 3d MMORPG game, that runs in ordinary browser and differs much from other browser-based games.

We do our best to make the game more comfortable for players. Players can play directly in browser, without downloading and without installing anything. The game runs in all modern web browsers on multiple different devices, both mobile (smartphone or tablet with touchscreen) and PC (PC or laptop).

We create the game for a broad audience of players who want fun, hardcore and challenge.

Computer Role-Playing Games or RPG have a lot of fans and players. They widely played all over the world. RPG allow players to create a character, customize and increase character's skills in accordance with their wishes. While creating they can choose name, gender, race, class and so on. Than they take part in battles and adventures, fight monsters and different kinds of enemies, explore new territories and solve quests. Some games have vast and colorful worlds, another offers the player dark dungeons or labyrinth.